Summer’s Peeking Around the Corner

Wow, it’s been muggy around these parts. It’s to the point where if you walk out to the mailbox, you’ll be completely drenched in condensation and sweat when you return to the door. Icky. But, it actually feels a lil good for a few moments after being in AC all day.

Ruthie’s down at the Cape for work. Lucky ducky. She gets to chill at the beach after she’s done, a lil bit in Orlando perhaps, and to top it all off she gets to see the shuttle launch on Saturday. She has our vid cam with her, so I totally can’t wait to see some footage 😀

Wedding plans are going along quite smoothly. I think nearly everything is taken care of, at this point. Only roughly a month and a half away! Invitations have gone out, I do believe. I have a couple lying around, if anyone wants an invite.

I replaced my MacBook Pro with a nice lil HP job I got off of w00t. I made a profit, at least compared to what I sold the MBP and bought the new one for. That’ll probably go in our lil wedding fund 🙂 Anyway, the big thing about this new lappy is a superior vid card. Also, it has two drive bays. I’m considering putting a 30GB SSD in there as a system drive. We’ll see 😀 I put Windows 7 on this puppy. It’s a very nice advancement for Windows, I think.

I’ve found some relatives on Facebook–I knew it was good for something besides status updates 😀 It was a pretty cool way of getting back in touch.

I’m babysitting the pugs this weekend. They’re a pleasure to look after; they don’t do much but lie around…unless they’re hungry, of course 😀

Anyhoo, I guess that’s about all for the past month. I’ll try to get better about posting again. Facebook has the appeal of lil one-liner updates, but there’s nothing like typing out a novel every once in a while 🙂