Hot Stuff

Well, I think we are most assuredly in the heat of summer now. It has been in the middle-to-high 90s all week and will be again this coming week. The lowest it’ll be during the day is 93 on Wednesday. Yup. Time to sequester myself indoors for the next number of months. lol.

I played some Call of Duty: World at War yesterday. I got up to a 2nd Lt, finally. I progress very slowly when it comes to rank mainly because I don’t play too terribly much outside of LANs, unless my bro is on or something. Beyond that, I’m usually busying myself with WoW-ing or Spore-ing on the game front.

We had a yard sale yesterday. It didn’t go as well as the first, mainly because most of the stuff in this one consisted of leftovers from the other. But, it was still a profitable day. I put an old end table in it, but it didn’t sell–cheap, plastic 70s-type furniture that my folks actually had when I was a wee lad. It’ll probably go off to a consignment shop, along with a couple of other items.

It looks like things are all set for nearly everything in August, particularly given what we made in this yard sale.

I got new wheels this past week. I went to get my oil changed and they informed me that my wheels were “bent”. I’m sure it’s from some obscenely large pothole, like one that used to be outside Ruthie’s apartment (they’ve filled it in since, go figure). Anyhoo, my Ion will be fancied up with some alloy wheels sometime this week.

Outside of that, things have been fairly uneventful. Although, Happy Father’s Day to all of the pops out there!