Happy Thanksgiving!

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving. The weekend is going by fairly well here. We had a wonderful little family get together on Thursday. It was certainly good seeing the bro, visiting from Chitown. My mom cooked a whole turkey–the past few thanksgivings has been just a gigantic turkey breast, but this time it was a whole bird. It was quite yummy; it was so juicy that it didn’t even need any gravy–though, I’m not much of a gravy dude, anyway.

Today was really cool, too. Ruthie had a Black Friday sojourn up to Opry Mills. I remained home and held down the fort…and shopped on Amazon instead 😉 hehe. She got in at about 5:30ish this morning. I mean, just…wow. lol. I did experience a smidge of Black Friday later today, though, when we went to MovieStop and checked out their sale. It wasn’t too awful, though, and we did get a few cool DVDs/Blu-rays. w00t.

Tomorrow is a 360 LAN. w00 h00! We haven’t had one of those in a while–since July, I think. Too long! We’ve all been busy here and there with something, I suppose. Should be a h00t.

I may be looking for punishment, but I’m attempting to install OS X onto my laptop. I’m using an iDeneb mix that supposedly works fairly frickin’ well on most computers. I think that it might even work on my eeePC, but I’m certainly not going to try that at this point–I want to have at least ONE working compy at all times. lol. Besides that, I don’t know that OS X would work all that well on that particular hardware combination, certainly not in comparison to Windows 7–which almost seems to be made for it.

I just got a new server this week, and I got it up and going in fairly short order. Something funky went on after I tweaked selinux; TTY errors which made me do a rescue of it. When I got it back up, though, it was all good and it has been running quite spiffily since. It’s a LAMP server where I also store files and media. I may make it an HTPC at some point, though certainly not until I can get a tv capture card for it. It’s amazing how quiet it runs; I can’t even tell it’s there, whereas the old server was getting to be like a jet engine.

I had a very awesome idea for a BSG story. I might kick it around and possibly write it; it has literally been ages since I wrote anything in terms of stories…end of high school, really, I suppose. We’ll see if I can get the willpower going to write it 🙂 I think it’s an intriguing idea, but I don’t know if I can/will go anywhere with it.

Anyhoo, iDeneb is about finished cooking…time to go geek out a bit more on this Friday eve 🙂