Still Out There

I have been so bad about keeping up with LJ. All of the other social outlets tend to keep me distracted 🙂

I just found a very nice app for the iPad, though, by LJ. Maybe that’ll get me going on again. Typing on this little beastie can be harrowing at times, but the new cover which comes with the iPad 2 orients the device such that typing can actually be quite comfy on the thing. Speaking of the device, I waited in line for four frickin’ hours on Friday night to get this thing from the Apple Store. Nice device to have, and all, but I really don’t think it was worth that wait. Oh, well…I’ll have a story for the grandkids about how I braved the fanboys on the release date. lol.

I had been pondering waiting for the HP TouchPad in the summer, but I really have bought a lot of iOS apps to abandon the platform, at least at this point….it would’ve been nice to give WebOS a spin, though…maybe if they ever make a touchscreen only device 😀

Today was the most beautiful day in a long time. It was sunny and 70ish. Couldn’t ask for any better weather to wash the old Mustang 🙂 Of course, that means it’ll prolly rain tomorrow. lol. There’s a 30% chance, so maybe we’ll just dodge that bullet 😛

There is a Cubs game on WGN tomorrow. This is happy time. There was also one last week…odd that they’d be doing two weeks in a row for spring training, but it looks like they’re going to do three telecasts this year.

Ruthie is up in Louisville for a Dinner Derby musical with her mom. I’m not much into musicals, but I am into plays…so, I usually go up there with her for those 🙂

I have been watching through Star Trek Voyager via Netflix. I had forgotten what a decent series it was…though, it really got going in it’s fourth season, the first three definitely had some decent story lines. I can’t say I was too wild about the Kazon, but the Vidiians were some pretty sinister and good nemeses.

Been playing WoW a good bit, of late. My main character, a Mage, needs some new armor…poor Dubi’s resilience is quite low and he needs a bit more to be able to kick some booty in the Arena 🙂 I started a Worgen not too long ago, but haven’t been on him in a while…I may let him see some action tomorrow.

So, now that I have this new iPad, I’ve been thinking of rearranging my hardware…getting rid of a laptop and building a desktop again. I had sold my last one off before the wedding when we were saving up for our epic Alaskan honeymoon. I am thinking that the iPad sorta precludes the need for a laptop. In many ways, it makes for a fairly decent thin client, particularly in pairing with the media server I have. A desktop could handle WoW better than my aging little MacBook Pro, and it’d last a bit longer, too, given the modular nature of desktops 🙂

Then again, there’s something to be said for the mobility of a full desktop environment. I know, either way, that I could get more for my money with a Dell than an Apple. Apple hardware is nice, and all, but OS X is really getting long in the tooth in comparison to Windows 7.

I think I’ll ponder a bit more 🙂

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