Dragon*Con and all that

Dragon*Con 2010 was awesome, of course. The costuming was a bit tame this year compared to others. pktaxwench and unclemollari had some excellent Star Trek II era uniforms, though, for the World Record attempt…it was a successful attempt, BTW 😀 hapflygirl and I went separate routes; she dressed as Major Kira and I was new movie Kirk. All-in-all, it was a great time both at the record attempt and the rest of the con.

The best panel was probably the Stargate panel we went to on Sunday. Futurama was pretty good, too, though…I never would’ve imagined that’s what the dude who plays Bender looked like.

The best costumes, I think, were pktaxwench and company when they dressed up and put themselves in doll boxes. Very frickin’ cool.

I have a whole slew of pics up on my site:


Speaking of my site, I’ve created a mobile version for it. I have yet to find a mobile version of Gallery, though, so that’ll have to remain full-blown for now.

Anyway, about the only big beef about everything this year, for me, was the Hard Rock Cafe. The wait was not only obscenely long, but half of our orders were frakked. However, after some talking with the manager, rynnweber was able to get us a free meal. Not too bad at all 😀

I’m still very much liking the Droid X that I got back in July. Of course, I’ve hacked the hell out of it by now 😀 I’m sure there will be some bigger & more sparkly phone in the next year or so that I’ll drool over and pony up full retail for. Seems to be inevitable with the way I upgrade electronics. lol! Not to mention the iPad…as soon as there’s a decent Android tablet out there, and Netflix is on Android, I think I’ll prove to myself that the iPad can blend 😉

Not much else going down around here. I got a promotion at work, which is pretty cool. I’m now a Research Associate III – Step 3. I don’t think even Gordon Freeman got to that level. LOL!

I’m enjoying the heck out of Starcraft II. It makes for a good diversion while I wait until Cataclysm comes out for World of Warcraft 😀 I didn’t get to play much of the original Starcraft, certainly not as much of the campaign as I’m playing in the second one now. Good stuff, though. I hope they come out with a Warcraft 4–not an MMO, but an RTS. Of course, they have to come out with Diablo III first 😉 Hopefully, that’s not going the way of Duke Nukem Forever…seems like the first time I saw screenies for Diablo III was at least 2 years ago 😮