Star Trek: Discovery

This may be the best Star Trek since TNG–in particular, tonight’s episode (“If Memory Serves”). This whole season has been quite the build-up, and far more consistent than the first season. I still think this series would have been better-served had it been anthological, as was one of the early ideas of Bryan Fuller–with each season being a self-contained story with disparate crews, ships and even time frames. But, it seems like CBS is investing in Star Trek, at the moment–there is a forthcoming Section 31 series, a Jean-Luc Picard series, and an animated series which follows the same spirit of the TNG episode “Lower Decks”. We’ll see how it all goes, but I do wonder if we’ll see the same kind of overload that I think is happening with Star Wars. Now that there aren’t going to likely be any movies for the foreseeable future, though, I’m glad that Star Trek is out there in SOME form besides novels.

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