Prior to the release of this particular film, Brie Larson made charged comments about making the press tour “more inclusive”, that she noted the proportionality of one particular demographic. Fine, ok, take that what ever way you want. Personally, I find the notion to be a little silly–the historical majority demographic of comic books (and, I would presume, even MCU/DCEU movies) have been a particular demographic. It makes sense, from a probability perspective, that’s how it would shape up–not, necessarily, that any exclusive malice was occurring, just that it’s representative of the majority demographic. But, many in this world are sensitive about demographics because they project their views of history as to why that is and attempt to associate actual malice to it, as opposed to accepting that perhaps we’ve moved beyond such notions, and that things just are the way they are because that’s the way they were–and that demographics will shift if there is interest. Is that to say that there are not those who would fight to maintain a majority demographic? Certainly not. But, I think that it’s more and more a very minority sentiment. Though, being preachy about such matters or wagging a finger in anyone’s face about it doesn’t help further an environment of neutrality/blindness in those regards. But, maybe that’s me just seeing the world through the lens of my own sentiments regarding race, gender, orientation and creed–it doesn’t matter what your attributes are, but who you are as a person.

Minor-to-major spoilers ahead