It’s a bird, it’s a plane!!!

Today was definitely one of those supercharged Mondays. I was more awake than usual–normally on a Monday I’m a zombie until at least lunch time. It was all clicking today so fast that I didn’t even notice the time slip right by. I think I coded today, but I was so in the zone that I didn’t even really know what I was doing till it was done. I definitely like this kinda Monday.. I wish it would show its head more often.

So a friend of a friend is getting a team together to do a mod for Half Life 2, and I was thinkin’ of getting in on it. Even if it turns out to be nothing more than ideas, it’ll be kind of kewl to at least brainstorm neat ideas for what we as gamers really want in a game. And, of course, if it does go anywhere then perhaps I can get my foot into the door at Activision or something *snicker* I wish 😉 Either way, it would be kind of awesome to put my coding superpowers to fun use.

Getting souped up for DragonCon in the fall. It is going to be quite uber sweet. My first time was last year, and I wish I would’ve gone all along (Joe would say “I told you so” about here 🙂 ). Before DragonCon, the only convention I had really been to was one here in Huntsville long ago. I think it was around ’91, and the only star in attendance was John DeLancie. He was quite hillarious. DragonCon hands-down blows that pidley lil con away. A definite must for nerds and geeks of all ages 🙂

Anyway.. Off to that happy sleep land of happiness.

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