The Burninator!!!

So, the 2004 Game of the Year came out yesterday. Halflife 2, you say? I think not. Doom 3? HA! Nah, the most uber awesome game of 2004 is Peasant’s Quest!!!! It’s probably one of the kewler games to grace in a while.

I’ve been slacking on my dorkish ways. I still haven’t seen SG-1 or Atlantis yet. I shall, however remedy this and watch with some luscious buffalo wings to accompany the warm fuzzy nerdish feeling.

It’s frickin August already–Just a couple of weeks until I head up to Chicago for a lil excursion. And less than a frickin month until DragonCon!!!

Well, anyway.. Enough of this nerdfest. I’m off for some luscious wings 😀 *insert pig out sounds here*

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