I think Penny is a Cubs fan :-)

So I was watching the Cubs tonight. Penny usually gets quite fiesty in the evening, making an extra effort to take some nibbles at some feet–or any other dangly body parts. Tonight, though, she was as smooth as glass. I think sitting around watching a Cubs game has as calming an effect on her as it does on me. Especially when they win, of course 😉

With all that cochranejv has been writing about his jaunts into the hills with his trusty steed (a.k.a. bicycle), I think that I shall seriously consider getting one. I haven’t really had one since I was a teenie bopper, but I know I could use the exercise. Being a code monkey isn’t exactly friendly to becoming and staying buff 🙂

Well, anyhoo.. That’s about all for this evening. I’m quite wiped. And it’s only Tuesday. UGH. lol.

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