So, I got Doom 3 last nite 🙂 It is just such an unreal game. Well, basically it follows the same plot as the predecessors. On the whole, it seems like pretty much the same game as before only on steroids. I was playing at a friend’s house last night (has a mediocre multiplayer package, btw), when he brought up the good point that no genuine strides in gaming have come along since the first Doom. Basically, the main thing that has been improved upon has been graphics engines and method of play/input. You still have the basic types of games you had back then: action and rpg. It’s just interesting that we all spend $50+ on these games, when nothing really changes except the fluff.

But, that being said, Doom3 has good fluff 🙂

This weekend shall be one for relaxing. It was kind of a long week, and I think I feel like doing nothing more than sit around and read–I’ve been gaming way too much to not take a break from that 🙂 My book library is so big that I could almost be my own bookstore; I guess I’m kind of a total packrat when it comes to books, especially of the Sci-Fi variety *nerdish grin*

But maybe I’ll play just a little Doom 3 before getting to it 😀

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