Just when I thought it was all hopeless, the Cubbies are 2 games up in the wild card race after last night, 2 games ahead of San Diego and 3 ahead of San Francisco. The Cardinals, the most detestful baseball team ever created by mortal man, are 10+ games ahead of the Cubbies.. Soo, I think the division is pretty much locked. But, hey.. The Marlins won the World Series off the wild card last season. Even if it means crying in my beer in the end, I still have uber faith that my Cubbies will go to the dance.

This weekend has been a very relaxing one. It’s been quite sunny, and very fall-like. I’ve been playing a little more Doom 3, without any nightmares. lol. I would say that this game is about as scary as the scariest movie I’ve ever seen.

I’m about to be making some uber upgrades to my website that should be quite awesome-ish. I guess other than that, things have been same-ol’.

Off to go root on the Cubbies 🙂

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