Another foot biter..

So, I’m thinkin’ of getting a little companion for little Penny. I’m gone most of the day, and sleep most of the night, so that leaves only a little time in-between for Penny to have any time that’s not to herself. So, I think she needs a sibbling. I don’t know whether or not I’m going to get a kitten, or one that’s a year old (around fully grown). If I got an adult cat, I wouldn’t have to worry about Penny getting into the kitten food (thereby growing her already chubby self to Godzilla proportions). But, then again, a kitten would be a lot of fun.

In other news, I’m headed up to Chicago in a couple of weeks. Should be quite the hoot; I’m going up to visit family, take in the museums, and even a Cubs game 🙂 I always love going up there; I go every summer, and it never gets old. I wouldn’t mind moving back up there one day, but we’ll see where things might take me. If not, I can always worship the Cubs from afar 🙂

I think my bro is finally over his little wisdom tooth fiasco. Poor guy had them removed last week and hasn’t been able to eat much in the way of solid food. I still have mine, and in fact they are pretty much completely in-place on the left side. I don’t know if the right ones will ever poke through; there’s just not as much room over there. I really don’t like pain, so I really don’t think I like the idea of taking them out. Keith is definitely braver than I 😉

Off to do that Superman thing I do every day.

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