That’s the sound of my weekend biting the dust. As with so many peoples around here, my weekend went way too fast. It was nice and relaxing, barely did a thing. It’s good to have those weekends here and there. Fortunately, this Monday went by just as quickly as the weekend did.

I’m getting pretty far in Doom 3. It’s so very much like the first game, only with a fairly decent and concrete plot; the first game, to me, was nothing more than trying to fight your way out of hell. Although, admittedly, I just took the game at face-value. Actually, Doom 3 seems less like a sequel game and more like an extension. It’s not re-hash of the first game, but it merely accentuates what the series was.

It’s starting to get warm again :-\ It passed over the 85 degree mark today *sigh* False autumns suck.

I attempted to bring my parents’ cat Molly home last night to see how Penny would react to another cat. Penny did fine, but Molly definitely did not. I heard hissing coming from the living room all night, and i know it wasn’t Penny. lol. I think that she will totally do fine with another cat. I just have to get one 🙂 It’ll probably be after I get back from DragonCon.

Off for a well deserved nap.

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