So Frickin Quiet Today

So I’m hosting another LAN at my place this weekend. It looks like there will be at least 6 people, but perhaps a little more. It will most certainly be a glorious Nerdfest, the likes of which hath never been seen. I know I’m so going to pay for it the next morning on the trip up to Chicago. lol.

Could I be a bigger nerd? LAN parties, DragonCon. I’m so proud of me. lol. Nerds rule the world, or so they say.

I was pondering seeing AVP on Friday night. I’ve heard good and bad things about it. The thing is, I just can’t imagine an Alien movie without Ripley. So, I just couldn’t imagine this as being a very good movie. It might be entertaining, though, being a veteran of the Alien vs Predator games.

Nothing much else going on. Just your same ol’ day. It’s quiet around here today, especially since I’m the only code monkey here. It definitely makes the day pass much slower :-\

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