Severe Clear

Today is one of those eerie fall days where the sun is completely out–there’s not a cloud in the sky. It’s about 74 degrees and, of course, the weather can’t make up its mind about whether it should be 70-something or 50-something. It’s one of those curses of living in the south–erratic autumn weather. We’re just heading into the second tornado season of the year now, too, so I guess it’s kinda fitting.

The LAN yesterday was kewl, as always. I kicked a little butt, and also got my butt kicked a little. Most of our games are co-op, so it’s not like we’re whooping each other. The bots that come with most games today, though, have wonderful and challenging AI. Sometimes, it almost seems as though they can strategerize (hehe) as well as a human.

I started downloading Half Life 2 last night (and finished). I won’t be able to play it until the release date of the 13th, but it’s still kind of kewl to realize that I’ll be able to play it once the release date hits. I think it would be so frickin awesome if we could buy more games or software that way. Counter Strike: Source is already playable, and I played a little bit of it last night at the LAN. I’d almost say it’s more awesome than Raven Shield, but I’d have to play it a wee bit more.

Anyhoo, nothing much else is going down. Chilling around the parents’, as any usual Sunday. Downloading HL 2 onto my laptop as I sit here–I’m not sure how well it’ll run, though. Watching the movie Signs with my dad and bro.. To me, in many ways, I think this movie is probably M. Night Shyamalan’s best. I still need to go see The Incredibles–but, mostly for the Episode 3 trailer, of course 🙂

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