WOO HOO!!! It’s Halloween. That frickin’ rocks. Maybe it’s a southern bible belt thing, but they don’t trick-or-treat down here when Halloween is on a Sunday–they do it on a Saturday. When I lived in Chicago it didn’t seem like we ever skipped out on that stuff just because it was on a Sunday. I figure that it’s all in good fun, and has no real demonic meaning behind it.. So, let the kids have fun–whether it be on a Monday or a Sunday.

I’m watching Clash of the Titans with my dad right now. It’s one of those fun movies from the late 70s. The storyline is somewhat trite, and the soundtrack is clearly of the 70s, but it’s one of those stories that grows on you–maybe it’s because I remember watching it as a kid. It’s kind of the same thing with The Martian Chronicles (Rock Hudson, late 70s).

Star Trek Season Two and SG:1 Season Seven are out on DVD. Geepers, I’m starting to fall behind on those releases 😉 Actually, the later I wait, the better the deals I get on eBay for them. There’s really no use in buying it for $100-125 retail when I could get it at $65-75 overstock. Thank goodness for eBay; it makes Trekkies happy 🙂

The election is Tuesday. I just want it all to be over, no matter which way it goes. There’s this small period every four years where the country goes crazy over ideology and the cable news networks can do nothing but watch shady polls all day. The only polls that matter are the ones at the end of Tuesday. Personally, I wouldn’t mind party deadlock in the House and Senate.. That would keep government out of our frickin hair and pocket books–sometimes the government goes too far. They’re not the answer to everything.

LAN next weekend *gurgles happily* It’s a bit of a birthday party this time around for one of them. No new games have really come out since.. I’m still waiting for someone to come out with a good multiplayer co-op mod for Doom 3. It better be frickin soon–too lazy to code one myself 🙂 Although I certainly wouldn’t mind coding a few mods for Half Life 2.

There was a pretty nifty eclipse last nite, for those of you who went to bed early. I almost thought we were going to miss it because of all of the clouds that had been overhead all day. But, about when the eclipse began, the heavens opened up to show us a very red moon. It was quite uber spectacular.

Nothing much has been going down. I can’t believe it’s almost Halloween already. This year is very much flying by. Next thing I know, the Cubbies will be in the midst of spring training and Episode III will be hitting theatres *drool*

The Boston Red Sox won the World Series last night, clinching the frickin’ series in 4 games. If the Cubbies had been there, I know they would’ve put up much more of a fight. I would’ve watched the game, but was too busy whoopin’ my brother in Call of Duty 🙂 Truth be told, he normally whoops me, but I somehow busted out the whoopin’ stick on him last night. I’ll still always whoop his butt at Age of Empires 🙂

I went with a few buds to the Renaissance Fair in Florence today. It was quite a nice time. It sorta reminded me of DragonCon, with a different breed of nerd; instead of looking to the future, the focus was to the past. And, of course, there were dealers out the yin yang just as there are at D*C. After watching that episode of Home Movies a couple of years back, I couldn’t help but look over my shoulder waiting for the sci-fi convention to come invade 🙂

After that, I went back to play some games–just a wee bit of UT2004. Refreshing to have a nice lil 21st century bout on the LAN after going back to the days of armor and broad swords.

Tonite, I went with my brother and dad up to Monte Santo. David Levy gave a talk at the planetarium on his experiences with amateur astronomy and his discovery of comets, such as Shoemaker-Levy 9, which slammed into Jupiter in 1994 in 20 or so fragmented pieces. It’s amazing to me, the energy released by such an event; thousands upon thousands of nuclear weapons–around one Hiroshima bomb per second going off with each impact. It was a really nice nite.. Unfortunately, go figure; being Astronomy Day, it was totally cloudy and rainy.. So, no observing *sigh*

I was thinking.. I haven’t had an astro log in quite a long time. Perhaps I will put one on my website–I was thinking of making a whole new LJ for it, but perhaps just making it on my own–storing entries on my own server in a DB or XML file–complete with comments. I don’t know.. A little weekend pet project to be pondering and programming. I’m glad that my hobby of computers just happens to also be my job; it definitely makes life and work much kewler. Plus, I can tie in my love of astronomy into my love of computers, as well..

My tummy is so spinning out of control right now. I woke up with the most terrible cramps. They’ve subsided a little bit, after being awake for a while. Still, it feels like there’s a boxing match going on in my stomach–and I’m not sure who’s winning. I had some McDonald’s yesterday for the first time in months.. And perhaps the last time in years–like mwshook once told me.. It’s definitely pure poison. Argh.. This is worse than spilling hot coffee on my lap. I wonder if I could cash in even more? *grins devilishly*

It’s one of those days where I probably shouldn’t have crawled out of bed, and not just because of the tummy. It’s kinda dreary today, with no sun in sight. Somehow, I think the sun would’ve been better for me. lol.

A lil LAN action going on this weekend, but there’s also Astronomy Day going on. I’m probably going to split LAN action time for that–there’re going to be a number of festivities going on up on Monte Santo (an observatory/planetarium is up on this mountain, for those of you unfamiliar with Huntsville). I might even haul my telescope along.. I haven’t stargazed up there in ages 🙁

SG-1 season 7 came out yesterday. w00t. I’m going to start looking on eBay for it, because I’m sure there were actually copies out on eBay before yesterday. lol. I have a feeling that SG-1 might be one of those shows that lasts 9 seasons or more, like The X-Files. Even if it doesn’t, there’s always Atlantis.

I was feeling a lil sick at around the end of the week but, after plenty of sleep and rest, I think I’m totally kewl again. I hope. I don’t think I had anything major; I was exhausted, for the most part. Sleep is definitely a good cure for such things, of course 🙂

On the road to recovery, I got a laptop 🙂 I decided to forgo the 6 month wait and go for one. It’s quite the uber spiffy lil machine. The biggest deal is that it’s an Athlon 64–you don’t find many laptops like that *drool* When I was shopping around for it they were quite rare, indeed. It has a rather kewl feature that it clocks down when you’re not using a lot of resources; it’s something that I hadn’t seen in my own machines but only heard of. It’s quite niffty. The best part is that it’s an uber enough machine that, if I were too lazy to lug the laptop, I could bring it out for some LAN action.

It’s been a nice lil gray October day all day.. I don’t think it ever got above 55; I so love this time of year 🙂

So, Penny just decided to start to make a meal of my foot; without provocation, she jumped on her hind legs at the couch and proceeded to nibble the top of my foot.. Now that’s most certainly smarts.. She seemed quite adamant about it.. Perhaps I should sleep with one eye open as Keith may be right; she will claw my eyes out in my sleep.

This week went by so uber fast that I truly can’t believe that tomorrow is Friday.. Today went a lil slow because I woke up at 4 and couldn’t fall back asleep. It was definitely no so cool. It was about as uncool as the Astros AND the Cardinals making it to the NLCS 😛

I’m pondering getting another laptop, but I probably won’t actually do it for another 6 months or so.. The laptop I have now will do quite fine until then.. But, I think this time I wanna get a Winders box.. My iBook has been quite awesome, and I can’t complain about its performance.. Still, it kinda sucks to have duplicate versions of the same software for the differing platforms.. that and I could totally bring it to a LAN if I were lazy 😀 I’m planning on getting an Athlon 64 of some kind–whatever may be fashionable in 6 months.

So tired.. Must sleep..

Pretty dang good weekend. I’m watching the Farscape marathon on Sci-Fi on my Monday off. I know about as much about this series as I did when I started watching SG-1: relatively nothing. That’s what I definitely love these marathons. This is a frickin awesome series; I hope I don’t go out and buy the DVD box sets in my enthusiasm again. haha. It might not be a bad thing. One thing I think I will never buy are the X-Files box sets.. They’re way too overpriced for words, in comparison to pretty much every other box set out there. XF was an awesomely kewl series and all, but not that kewl.

The playoffs (baseball) are in full-swing.. Of course, since the Cubbies aren’t there, I don’t care all that much. But, I find it strange that this is one of those few years in which I hope that the Braves win the Divisional Series. The Astros are tied with them right now. The only downside to the Astros losing would be that I think the Astros would probably have a better chance against the Cardinals; and yet I really don’t want a Central Division team getting to the Big Show. Argh.

Christopher Reeve died today 🙁 He was only 52. He had definitely come a long way since he broke his neck in 1995; I thought he’d eventually walk again like he said he would.

Sucks when you’re the only one around with a Monday off. lol.

..and it’s only the beginning of October 🙂

I don’t know what it is, but Friday nites are always the worst.. Of all the weekend, this is the nite in which I totally wanna do nothing but slack. I’m tired beyond all belief. I think I just stay up too late during the week playing Final Fantasy XI 🙂 Maybe I need to ditch the uber ultra nerdish ways and settle for a milder brand of dorkish. lol.

Enterprise premiered tonite; I have it burned on DVD. The second bout of Presidential debate is about to begin. This is one of those townhall-type settings. It should be interesting, I guess.. I don’t know.. I betcha it’ll just be the typical–both sides slammin the hell outta each other; the press will call it a draw. Beh. So predictable.

Anyhoo, off to go watch and stuff.. Then maybe get to Level 15 before total exhaustion collapse 😉

We moved at work to better digs at work. We consolidated all of the software people together into a room. The best part is that we all have our own cubicles. w00t. I’m definitely all about a little room to call my own. Before, there were 4 of us in one cube–a rather large one, but a cube nonetheless. I am now a citizen of Cubeville. Scary.

It’s really starting to cool down, not to mention that it’s getting darker earlier. I think fall is finally just about here. yee haw.

I’m headed to a new LAN on the 23rd. It looks like it’ll be quite rocking, especially since they’ll be playing the same games we play at the other LAN. I’m definitely all about some more LANed Battlefront; it’s a kewl enough game on the internet, but it just seems like it was made for LAN-ing. As with the Battlefield games, this one seems to have pretty good co-op action.

Anyhoo, other than that, nothing to really report from the front. Just chillin out, watchin some SG-1. Good stuff. I’m into season two right now. This is my first time seeing most of these episodes, and they are pretty darn awesome.