Nothing much has really happened this week, which is definitely a semi-good thing. I was sick for the first half–I still am, but the pain killer and antibiotics are certainly making life much better.

I’m definitely going to catch up on some sleep this weekend, though–I’ve been scrambling, trying to get some software whipped up at work. I got most of the way there; my co-workers are helping me debug. The hardest thing to do as a programmer can be to debug your own code thoroughly. So, we usually debug each other’s apps, to get to things that we might miss on our own run-throughs.

Tonite, like every Friday, I feel like doing nothing but snoozing. lol. I must use my brain too much during the week, but of all days of the weekend, Friday nite is the worst. I’m always quite exhausted. Saturday & Saturday nite are almost always much better.

Speaking of which, there is a bachelor party for a friend tomorrow nite. w00t. This should be quite interesting; I’ve never been to one.

Half-Life 2 is SUCH a frickin awesome game. I don’t know where the plot ends, but I hope it isn’t anywhere soon. The game is sooooo saweet. It has a pretty good plot (albeit, plot is kind of hard to see in games many times I think because the player is so immersed in it). Of course, the uber awesomeness is the engine; the textures are massively saweet, movement is quite smooth, there is just about no mouse lag at all.. All-around, it is a pretty saweet game–I really do need to go get the first one and finish it.. I played a little bit of it, but didn’t finish. It’s too bad Valve hasn’t put out Half-Life: Source in stores. Anyhoo, I’m not so jealous of the Halo 2 crowd anymore, now that I have my own fixation. hehe.

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