I need to bring Penny to the frickin vet or something. She has chewed through my DVI cable for my LCD monitor *sigh* As a bonus, I found out she is also chewing through the power and surge protector cables. ARGH!! This is the main (and really only reason) cats sux0rs; you can’t teach them as well as you can dogs.

Anyhoo, I replaced that cable with a new VGA cable that came with the monitor. I really don’t notice a difference at all–so much for the uber expense of a DVI cable. If there is a difference between the two, I don’t think it’s really all that noticable by the human eye. I played Half-Life 2 and it looked very much the same. Perhaps side-by-side it might look a little different. But not frickin much.

If anything, Penny has given me a reason to see how much DVI really doesn’t gain you much in performance. lol. Stupid frelling cat.

It’s almost Christmas! ARGH! I need to do some shopping.

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