Gobble, Gobble

Well, this Thanksgiving was fairly decent, I suppose. After having had the turkey earlier with my family, none was really had on Thanksgiving. But, Chicago was quite awesome. It was quite cold, and there was some snow involved, but all of that went away later in the week when it rained like buckets.

The trip up there was fairly uneventful. I watched some Family Guy–gets better and better with each viewing, of course. I got quite bored, so I did a little rural wardriving in Indiana. I was surprised to find 78 wireless networks between Scottsburg, IN and Indianapolis. After passing through the city, I had about 173 found. Anyhoo, less than half of everything I found was WEP, and surprisingly 1/3 of them were 802.11g networks.

Anyhoo, most of this trip consisted of helping my aunt move out of her apartment. She is now in a nursing home. It was a pretty sad weekend; moving all of her stuff out, stuff that I remember from when I was a kid, left me with quite the bad feeling. My aunt was just about on the brink last spring when it was discovered she had cancer. She fought through it, though. She’s pretty healthy now for someone her age, except that she’s now confined to a wheelchair. Needless to say, she really needed to be in a nursing home. Still, it was just plain depressing. Seeing her relatively healthy, though, was definitely a huge frelling plus.

We went to the Museum of Science and Industry in-between all of the moving. It was quite nice; they have the Christmas exhibit on display now. Every year, they display Christmas trees from around the world. It’s one of my favorite recurring MSI exhibits. I’ll eventually get pics of it up on the site.

I did a little more wardriving on the way back. The state which had the least number of wireless networks within range of my lil wireless card was, oddly enough, Alabama *snicker* From the state line to exit 351 at Athens, there were only 7 wireless networks. Damn, I’m such a frickin nerd 😛

Anyhoo, that was my Thanksgiving.. I’ve been trying to recover sleep since, but you know how that can be 😉 I think I probably won’t be able to get it back until Christmas break (3 weeks away. w00t). And, even then, it’s off to Disney World and then most likely Colorado (w00t!!!!!).. Argh.. I’ve been procrastinating plane tix. I really do need to do some Travelocity-ing.. I hope I can still get something that remotely resembles a good deal..

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