I think winter is just about officially here. It’s sad; I could take -40 degrees in Chicago (no wind chill) when I was uber young, but 44 degrees gives me the chills here–even indoors. Lousy stinkin humidity is making my skin thin 😛

I’m definitely ready for a big Christmas break. Only a week-and-a-half to go. w00t. This one is going to be really groovy, though; I don’t think I’ve ever travelled so much during this time of year. It’ll definitely be good to see real mountains again.

I need to go up to Monte Santo and bring my scope. I haven’t been up there to observe in literally years. Shoot, it’s been long enough since I brought my scope anywhere–which I really need to do because the winter skies are the ones I love the most. My favorite deep sky objects are up this time of year, and I’m missing them.

I can’t believe it’s been a frelling year since I graduated. Time has passed in what seems to be a heartbeat. I’ve definitely been enjoying the time in the evening to just chill, read or play games 😀 If I ever grow out of computer games, that will definitely be a sad day. lol. I almost forgot how awesome recreational reading was–just about all of the reading I did in college was school-related and I got uber sick of it.

I haven’t put up any Christmas decorations this year, mostly because I’m going to be gone 80% of the season, so I didn’t really think there was much use. So, since I’m being all Grinchy this year, I’m going to go uber next year 🙂 I’m going to go Grizwold on my apartment. lol. Actually, today I may see if I can get one of the tiny trees that my parents have.. Better to put something up, I suppose.

Penny is mischieviously staring at me

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