The fish was delish, and it made quite a dish

So I lost my frelling cell phone 🙁 It was definitely quite the bummer, since that is my only phone. But, Verizon so graciously spotted me a new one since I had decided to take their insurance when I signed up with them. w00t. I just have to wait a few days for it to come in the mail–which isn’t too bad.. I’m not a real phone yacker, as it is. I think I typically use 125/400 minutes a month. I really don’t know what happened to the old one–perhaps it fell out of my pocket or something. Argh.

It’s quite cold this evening; as I write it is 28 nippy degrees. No frickin snow in sight, though. That’s something I definitely miss about the north, for sure. Heck, I even miss shovelling it.. Shovelling is almost relaxing for me as cutting the grass is. I lit the fireplace for the second time ever. It’s pretty frickin warm, for a gas fireplace. There’s no big chimney to it, so all the heat has nowhere to go but all over my place.

This week is totally crawling along, probably because in one week I’ll be shaking hands with Mickey. w00t. Plenty o’ pics will be taken, for sure. Have to get through this week first, though. Ugh.

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