Decemberween Done Gone

Well, well, well.. It’s been a while..

The rest of the trip to Disney World was totally awesome. Coronado Springs was a pretty decent hotel, about 10 minutes away from any given park.

The worst park by far, in terms of hoardes of people, was the Magic Kingdom. There were uber globs in every corner, but it was absolutely horrible in Fantasyland and Tomorrowland. My bro and I did get to ride Space Mountain, but even the Fast Pass had us waiting 4 hours until we could get on–and then a 20 minute wait in line on top of that. Space Mountain was pretty good but, as far as roller coasters go, it wasn’t as uber exciting as most of the coasters at any Six Flags park.

My absolute favorite ride in all of Disney was Mission Space. It was a space sim that gave you the feel of a short little jaunt to Mars. Really, it was a glorified centrifuge with your typical cheesy theme park back plot–but, what’s a space mission ride without a cheesy plot? 🙂 The “mission commander” was Gary Sinise.

I’d say my second favorite ride out of the whole deal was Tower of Terror in MGM. It was a little bit like Space Shot here in Huntsville, only a good bit slower. At least the cheesy back plot for this ride was a Twilight Zone episode 🙂

Another good thing we tried was “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire”. It wasn’t the real show, but you could play for points for prizes instead of cash. If you got a million points, you’d win a cruise (Disney cruise, of course). The set was pretty much identical–at least to what I’ve seen on TV. Unfortunately, my fingers weren’t fast enough for fastest finger. D’OH!!

I was a little disappointed in the “House of Innoventions”. It was supposed to be a “home of tomorrow” kind of showcase but it really only contained mostly gadgets we’d find in a number of homes today–internet-enabled refridgerators, HDTVs (although the HDTV in the tub was kind of kewl), voice recognition systems. I think the kewlist useful future gadget I did see in there was a biometric lock for the house in which you’d unlock the outer doors with your thumbprint.

The Candlelight Processional on Christmas Eve was very nice, although it was freakishly cold. Besides the first night and last day we were there, it was very very cold and cloudy; it stayed in the 40s and 50s. Anyhoo, all the Processional turned out to be was a Christmas story narration with musical interludes. Fortunately, it wasn’t a hokey Disney show.

I’ve been working yesterday and today. Today’s a little tough, since I’m the only one here.

Ahh, well.. Off to Colorado tomorrow to do the New Years thing with some friends. Should be a hoot 🙂 Haven’t seen a couple of them since DragonCon. w00t. Flying into Chicago, which is just awesome–even if I have to get right on another flight and leave right away.. Maybe I could find some Chicago pizza somewhere in the airport, if I’m lucky 🙂

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