AT&T sux0rs

Sitting here in DIA, waiting for my flight back to the boonies of Bama. Cost me 10 frickin bucks to hook up to their wi-fi. That is just way too frelling much. People who stop into airports are usually there for a few hours at a time. AT&T is charging $10.00 per 24 hours is just insane. ARGH!! To top all of that off, I was told at the ticket counter that I am allowed only one carry-on from Denver. I took two on-board from Huntsville w/o problem. WTF?

Anyhoo, had an extremely kewl and wonderful weekend. Got to see Joe, Christine & Pete again and I got to meet a couple of other kewl people. Joe’s significant other(?) is a very nice girl, and cute on top of that. Go Joe 😉

Christine & Pete’s house is quite uber spiffy. They have a pretty darn good view of the mountains, and especially Pike’s Peak–which is kind of hard to miss in Colorado Springs.

New Year’s Eve was quite awesome, although a whirlwind which I really don’t remember much of. I don’t even remember the ball drop, which Joe says I was most certainly conscious for. Soju is evil 😉 He has a nice place, and 6 of us spread out quite comfortably in various places to “sleep”. I need to come back out here again soon, especially when I have more time to chill for a while–like a week.

Anyhoo–my headphones were in my other bag, which was checked in. Going to go hunt down some cheap ones in the shops. Argh..

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