Morally awesome (or awesomely stupid?)

I bought my first MP3 today. It was $0.99 and I got it via Windows Media. I bought Breakaway by Kelly Clarkson, mainly because I saw a reference to it on garibaldicu‘s LJ and the song got in my head for the rest of the day. Argh. Anyhoo, the file was in WMA with copy protection. I burned it to CD, and then I ripped it from there to mp3 (a non copy-protected mp3) so I could put it on my mp3 player. It worked out great in the end. And thus closes my long bout against the music industry. I still think that individually MP3s (or WMAs or M4Ps or whatever) should be no more than $0.75 or so, but at least the music industry is doing a little better in terms of digital distribution of content. And I can still be my geeky self and put the music on my devices 🙂

The main reason I did this was because of what has been going on with bittorrent. I’ve used it, and downloaded a whole bunch of stuff. Then things really started going down for bittorrent and the favorite server of mine was shut down. I don’t know; maybe that was a bit of a wake-up call for me, in terms of things really starting to fly apart with wide-open free-for-all p2p. I haven’t been downloading much in the last couple of years, compared to what I used to. It’s awesome, though, that I can once again buy music without having to worry about buying an album with only 2-3 songs that I’m interested in.

Anyhoo, if this makes me less geek, then it’s totally worth it 😛

I’m definitely glad it’s Friday. I am so going to sleep in tomorrow. I am totally in need of a good slumber. This’ll be the first weekend in a while were I can just sleep-in and chill. w00t 🙂

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