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Today was one of those days. I was in the zone. I could code nothing wrong. lol. It’s kind of kewl; I programmed a timetracking system for my the Center, and I’ve been coding some upgrades for it, and now another Center on the University wants to use it. w00t. It’s definitely kewl when your software gets wide use.

Nothing much has been going down, really. I think I’ve decided to get a bike, though.. Perhaps sometime within the next month. I haven’t really gotten a new bike since middle school, maybe early high school. So, I’m definitely not starting out with the uber top of the line. I’m thinking about a Giant Iguana, or perhaps a Cannondale Jekyll. If any of you bike riders have any other good entry-level bikes, lemme know 🙂

Anyhoo.. Off for some Counter-Strike. w00t.

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