Eamus Catuli

So here I am in AZ. w00t! It’s about frakking time. This last week has crawled beyond all belief :-\ I had to finish up a little project for work before this trip, so therefore I stayed there until 1am. It was awful, especially the next morning after < 4 hours of sleep. UGH!! Ahh, well.. at least I got it done. That was definitely a plus. The flight here was fairly uneventful. We stopped in Chicago (w00t!!!! x 10), and stayed there in a layover for about 3 hours. Too bad I couldn't have plopped down there for the night or longer. It's surprisingly cool here, in the low 60s. I hope this isn't what the entire week will be like. In years past, it's been low 70s at night with mid 80s to low 90s during the day. I want some heat, dang it 😛 The hotel room's "free" internet sux0rs. The ethernet port doesn't work, so I've had to resort to NetZero. It'll do, I guess. At least I can fairly comfortably chat and check email & LJ. 20th century internet really sux0rs 😛

Go Cubs.

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