CUBS (don’t win :-() !!!!!!!!

Well, Cubbies have gone 0-2 while I’ve been there. Both days, they lost fairly big (5+ runs). I think I brought bad mojo on my way down here or something. Yea, that has to be it 😛 Tomorrow, they play in Ho Ho Kam (their home winter ballpark). I can only hope they’ll do better and maybe end 2-2 during my stay here.

Arizona is pretty frakking awesome, as usual. It’s been in the 70s pretty much the whole time. Both games, we’ve been in the shade–therefore, I have been able to keep my pasty white fascade; definitely a plus. lol. Eating, even in a spring training ballpark, is about as expensive as a good steak dinner at <INSERT STEAK HOUSE HERE>.

NetZero has proven to be adequate for internet, although rather slow. I can still chatter away online, and it doesn’t take too long to download the email. Nevertheless, 20th century internet still sux0rs 😛

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