This has been a really superly awesome weekend.

Friday, there was the rehearsal for Matt & Missy’s wedding. It was really quite simple; basically, we did a couple of run-throughs for the main event. It wasn’t all that bad at all, in comparison to the last wedding rehearsal I was in at age 5; that rehearsal seemed to drag on and on and on and.. Bleh. Time tends to drag when you’re a bored 5 year old kid 🙂 Anyhoo, dinner was at a very fancy Huntsville resturaunt called Luciano. I had a ribeye that was quite spiffy, indeed. Their medium rare was pretty much my idea of rare, but it was still quite good. As long as they don’t cook chicken that way, I’d be quite fine with it.

And, Saturday came the afforementioned main event. It was a very awesome and beautiful ceremony. It went pretty much without a hitch. Matt was 15 minutes late in arriving, but it turned out to be a fashionably late kinda thing 🙂 It was a mixed Catholic/Baptist wedding, so it wasn’t a Mass; it was just like a Mass, for the most part, sans the Eucharist. Also, when we said the Lord’s Prayer, it seemed as though the Baptists had a few extra lines in it at the end.

The reception was pretty awesome, as well. Matt had a Simpsons groom cake. I danced a little at the end, but other than that I mostly chilled with his brother Jake, his friend Will, Liz and Josh. Ryan Cantor and Brittney Piertzak were also there; I haven’t seen them since high school. There were four of us non-married chaps there to try to catch the garter; Jake, Will, me and someone else. It was the someone else that caught the garter–the rest of us really didn’t put up much of a fight 🙂

It was definitely an awesome weekend.

One month until Episode III.

It’s almost like when ROTK came out; you’re losing an occasional annually visiting friend or something–instead of every year, though, it’s every three. In that nerdy sort of way, of course. Mainly, I guess now I’m just seeing the movie for the FX and the score, both of which I think, will be quite amazing–it would have to be after a frickin year-and-a-half of post-production *hangs on by a thread to nerdy little hopes*

It’s been really uber nice around here. The last 3 or 4 days have been in the 70s. I think we have shaken off the mild winter for warmer days. Bah, in the end I think we skipped over winter altogether.

I played some poker over the weekend at mwshook‘s bachelor party, and won around $200–of course this was all in chips, so it was merely a simulated game 🙂 Still, being the first time through, that was pretty damn awesome. I haven’t played poker, really, since high school. And, if that was for anything, it was pennies.. We played some Cincinnati, Cleveland (variation on Cinci), Spit in the Ocean, Texas Hold ‘Em, and some draw/stud. It was a nice little party; I really didn’t know anyone there, but it was a really friendly group. Anyhoo, Matt gets married this weekend. w00t!

I think I’ve discovered that if I get 7 or 8 hours instead of 6 or 7 in sleep, I’m much happier. Maybe I should give up my night owl ways, as fun as they are. Of course, that’d mean *GASP* less World of Warcraft time. Oh, no!

So, here I am; Saturday afternoon. I have chosen to geek out. I am rebuilding both of my computers. Chris, a friend of mine from around these parts, has given me quite the scheme. I am rebuilding my laptop and my desktop with new swap partitions. I am taking my secondary slave drive in my desktop, creating a new partition in FAT16, and using that partition as swap space. Theoretically, with it being the first partition on the drive and the fact that there’s no NTFS overhead, I should get at least somewhat of a performance increase. I’m skeptical that it’ll increase performance all that dramatically, but it’s worth a try. It’s always good to squeeze your machine for all it’s worth. The laptop will be similar, although it has only one drive, in that I will make about a 4GB partition of FAT16 for swap. We’ll see how it goes. Fortunately, the laptop mirrors my desktop in terms of settings and such, so all I have to do once rebuilding one is copy over settings and documents from the other. I don’t even have to bust out the nightly backups. What I need now is some good (free, if possible) ghosting software.

I finished reading Episode III. The story is definitely quite awesome, and I can only hope that the movie only adds to its kewlness.

the rest of the story…

So, I’m in Publix yesterday, about to get some wings. I gave up wings for Lent, so my mouth is watering over the prospect of having them, once again 🙂

Right as you walk in the door on the left side there are magazines and books. The very first book I see that stands out..

Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith

My heart races; is it a joke being played on poor little geeks like me that are eagerly awaiting what is mostly the final Star Wars movie ever? I walk up to the shelf and snatch the book, as if it’ll disappear on me if I don’t act swiftly. The book looks very distinctive, with a picture of Anakin/Obi-Wan locking lightsabers, with Darth Vader (in the suit, of course) larger and behind them, all with an orange lava backdrop. The title is sans the Episode III that seems to have become part of the standard subtitle of Star Wars prequels. Some guy named Matthew Stover wrote it.

Oh, ok. Here’s some plot for those who can peek in-between their fingers at it