So, a chicken dancer walks into a wedding..

This has been a really superly awesome weekend.

Friday, there was the rehearsal for Matt & Missy’s wedding. It was really quite simple; basically, we did a couple of run-throughs for the main event. It wasn’t all that bad at all, in comparison to the last wedding rehearsal I was in at age 5; that rehearsal seemed to drag on and on and on and.. Bleh. Time tends to drag when you’re a bored 5 year old kid 🙂 Anyhoo, dinner was at a very fancy Huntsville resturaunt called Luciano. I had a ribeye that was quite spiffy, indeed. Their medium rare was pretty much my idea of rare, but it was still quite good. As long as they don’t cook chicken that way, I’d be quite fine with it.

And, Saturday came the afforementioned main event. It was a very awesome and beautiful ceremony. It went pretty much without a hitch. Matt was 15 minutes late in arriving, but it turned out to be a fashionably late kinda thing 🙂 It was a mixed Catholic/Baptist wedding, so it wasn’t a Mass; it was just like a Mass, for the most part, sans the Eucharist. Also, when we said the Lord’s Prayer, it seemed as though the Baptists had a few extra lines in it at the end.

The reception was pretty awesome, as well. Matt had a Simpsons groom cake. I danced a little at the end, but other than that I mostly chilled with his brother Jake, his friend Will, Liz and Josh. Ryan Cantor and Brittney Piertzak were also there; I haven’t seen them since high school. There were four of us non-married chaps there to try to catch the garter; Jake, Will, me and someone else. It was the someone else that caught the garter–the rest of us really didn’t put up much of a fight 🙂

It was definitely an awesome weekend.

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