I was watchin the Cubbies duke it out with the Astros today. When I last looked, it was 8-3 in the 5th. Prior had given up a grand slam and a 3 run homer off of 2 walks. It was not very nice at all. Bleh.

Friday night, I went to see Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy with a buncha buds. I really enjoyed it. Martin Freeman did a very awesome rendition of Arthur Dent, and Alan Rickman did an unforgettable Marvin. It was definitely a great beginning to the Summer of Geek 🙂

Saturday I did a little LANing. Like every LAN, it actually turned out to be a whole lot of LANing. We gamed from noon to about 10pm. We played a whole bunch of Desert Combat, which is a game I haven’t played in a while. It’s a mod to Battlefield 1942 which includes weapons & vehicles from the modern day era. My favorite vehicle, by far, is the Apache.

So, sometime this week I’m finally going to get that bike. I’m definitely going to get the Trek 6500. More than likely, I think I will get the one with V-Brakes instead of disc. The best part about that is the bike has mounting holes for disc brakes, should I choose to change that later.

A good bunch of my buds have been gone for the week, so LJ has been relatively quiet. You guys better have some damn good stories to post when you get back 🙂

It’s definitely a really beautiful day. It’s 67 right now, and I think it got in the 70s somewhere for the high. It’s been nothing but sunny. I hope the rest of the week is as awesomely kewl.

I’m starting to formulate the plot for a new story. I haven’t really written since high school, so this’ll be interesting. When I finish, I’ll more than likely post it on my website.

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