Sithin’ the Night Away

This weekend was totally a very spiffy and relaxing one. I spent a good bit of time with Ruthie, saw Episode III for the 4th time with the bro, and got a PS2.

After seeing Ep III four times, I can say that I still haven’t found the Millenium Falcon in there–I saw on a forum that it was in there, in some spaceport scene, but I guess they sent everyone on a wild goose chase. hehe. It was still definitely worth seeing yet again, though.

I’m watching some movie on SciFi called Barb Wire. It has the guy who played Jango Fett and the clones in Episodes II and III. I think this is the only other thing I’ve seen him in. Pamela Anderson is the star. I think I won’t be missing much if I go to sleep after this posting. haha.

I got a PS2 today at CompUSA. The only reason I got it there was because of a free controller that came with it. I wasn’t able to eBay a deal for it, at least not one of any true significance (after shipping, and all). So, in the end, I got one the easy way. lol. I got Gran Turismo 4 and Episode III for it. Ruthie and I raced a bit tonight, and she beat me once out of about 9 times.

It’s all good, though, because she beat me at chess Saturday and tonight. I came fairly close to victory on Saturday, but she completely stomped me tonight. It was fun, though–I haven’t played a human in chess since high school.. It’s mostly been computers whooping the snot out of me. hehe.

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