Today is the release day for War of the Worlds. Normally, I wouldn’t be so excited about a Tom Cruise/Steven Speilberg movie, but this one is just going to automatically kick ass. There’ll always be a place in my movie library for that ’53 version, though, with Gene Barry and Ann Robinson.

Anyhoo, I believe I’m going to go see it tonight. Review to follow 🙂

So there I was, just chillin out, dreaming.. When I had the oddest dream. I was actually in War of the Worlds. It was certainly a very odd dream; the only detail I remember of it is that I saw the “cylinders” that crash on Earth–I don’t know if the cylinders really exist in the movie or not, but they were in the dream. After that, the only thing I really remember is a lot of running. The movie comes out Wednesday. w00t!

This weekend was a pretty groovy one. I chilled for most of it. Ruthie and I got a bit further in Tomb Raider–it’s pretty awesome, playing that game again. The PS2 version of it certainly does the original PC games justice.

Cubbies are taking on the Sox today. The Sox are really suckin’ it, thank goodness. I knew the Cubbies would have their come-uppance sooner or later 😀

Oh, and I watched a lot of DS9. I’m finally into 7th season. I just watched the episode where Nog has to deal with losing his leg in the previous Jem’Hadar episode. He chills on the holodeck with Vic Fontaine for a little while, feeling sorry for himself.. And then he eventually comes to terms with things and all is right with the galaxy, once again. Overall, it was a nice episode. I don’t think I’ve seen it since the first time it aired.

I’m pretty much over the tonsillitis and ear infection, although I have a bit of a trace cough and my ear is still plugged up. The cough is kind of annoying because the only thing that triggers it is a little tickle in my throat–I never actually cough anything up. Very annoying.

I have the sudden urge to go read some War of the Worlds. I think I shall indulge that urge 🙂

Still a wee bit sick, but certainly better. I don’t really have a sore throat anymore, although it does get a little raw with all of the coughing I’m doing. It has gotten to the point where I really don’t cough anything up, but the cough is just a reflex reaction to a tickle in my throat. The ear infection may have spread to the other ear, but there hasn’t been any pain with all of the pain killer that I’ve been on. I definitely have diminished hearing, which kind of sucks majorly–especially since I don’t know when I’ll get it back. Kind of scary :\ I’m headed back to work tomorrow, though, ready to troop through what I think is the last bit of this.

Batman begins is one awesome flick.

So, I’ve been a bit under the weather for the past few days. It finally all came to a head yesterday afternoon. My ears were starting to plug up sometime just after lunch. I didn’t really think about it much at the time. I popped my jaw a few times, trying to clear it out. All it did was get worse. I started feeling pressure around the end of work yesterday. Still, I didn’t think all that much about it.

After getting home, the pressure was starting to get a good bit stronger. I was starting to get a bit worried about it. My doctor’s office was closed by that time, so I needed to find a medical clinic of some kind. I found one that was covered by my insurance and started out on a pretty agonizing journey.

As I proceeded down Hughes and Wal-Triana (two arteries of road in Madison), the pressure started turning into pain. The pain escallated quickly in-transit and by the time I got to the medical clinic, my left ear was literally burning. I was also suffering from a good bit of diminished hearing–maybe about half.

After signing in and waiting for a little while in the waiting room, I finally got my blood pressure & temperature taken and was given a room. The pain was getting worse and worse, and it got so bad that I paced around over and over. I felt a bit like a caged animal. My throat had been hurting the past couple of days, so I was being hit by a double whammy of pain (with a pretty vicious cough to go with it). It was getting truly unbearable.

Finally, after about 45 minutes to an hour, the doctor came in. He asked about my symptoms, checked out my throat and ears, and came to the conclusion that I had tonsilitis and an ear infection.

I haven’t had an ear infection since I was 11, and that was pure torture. Not only did I have it in both ears, but I was also relatively deaf for about 3-4 months. This time, it’s a bit better because it’s only in one ear, but I still have some deafness in that ear. It’s strange because it makes things sound like I’m either underwater or that the Borg are speaking to me on the TV.

I’m a good bit dizzy, perhaps because of the combination of medication and the ear infection. Taking today off of work and maybe tomorrow, depending on how I feel.

This sucks. I haven’t been sick in a long time :-\

God bless NyQuil 🙂

Thank goodness it exists. It has given the Conrad plenty of peaceful nights of sleep when sniffly, last night being no exception. Vicks Vapo Rub just doesn’t do it for me anymore–I think I have taken on an immunity to it or something 🙁 So, if I’m going to sleep with the snifflies and other such junk, then NyQuil is my only hope.

I don’t have anything big, I think. I had a bit of a sore throat over the weekend that seems to be rapidly subsiding, along with a smattering of congestion. The two are, of course, probably hopelessly intertwined *sigh*

Sleeping with a stuffy nose still sux0rs 😛

I got another new geeky toy over the weekend; the LifeDrive. It’s pretty rocking. I put my Tungsten E on eBay. The best part of the LifeDrive is it’s Wi-Fi capability, something that the Tungsten E sorely lacked in. I synced wirelessly for the first time yesterday evening, and it went by in a flash. Of course, Wi-Fi is a huge battery hog, so I don’t see myself doing any real hardcore surfing with it. It’s a pretty nifty little thing to have in a PDA, though. I can fit all my frickin episodes of Clone Wars on this lil thing 🙂

My bro and I accompanied my dad to his first viewing of Episode III. It seemed as though he liked it; it seemed to get the job done for him in tying things up. That’s all that the movie was really all about, anyway.

I did a good bit of gaming over the weekend, though it was only over the web. I finally played a little bit of Guild Wars after a bit of a respite, as well.

My mom is making some pizza burgers this evening. They’re really awesome and cool. Basically, it’s just a hamburger with pizza sauce and mozerella; quite tasty.

I need to get going on reserving some plane tix for Colorado in a couple of weeks. I always call these things close. Next time, I swear I’m going to reserve a month ahead of time 😛

Lost an LJ friend today 🙁 Good luck to mocha_nutt; destiny has swept her elsewhere. I enjoyed reading her entries because of her masterful use of the English language, coupled with her insights into life, the universe and everything. I wish her the best of luck as does all her other friends, I’m sure.

They still haven’t found that missing Alabama teen that’s missing in Aruba :-\ I do hope they find her alive. There are too many of these stories that end tragically. It’s been a while; one can only hope.

The rains have stopped around here, replaced by forboding gray skies. I think that it’s all over for now. Nothing violent really happened, thank goodness. We may be beyond tornado season, but you never know what mean stuff that tropical weather can create.

PS2 still rocks.

It’s 88 degrees here with a heat index of 95. I do believe summer has come. Bleh. I think I’d like to take a dip in the pool again tonight. It’s definitely a good time to stay inside and not die of heat stroke. I’ll probably do my riding in the late evenings. And probably a lot of swimming 🙂 If I continue this kickboxing stuff with Ruthie, thank goodness that’s inside 😀

I got two “new” games for my PS2: Final Fantasy X and the most recent Tomb Raider (Angel of Darkness). I got quite frustrated, trying to beat Dooku in a lightsaber battle in Episode III, so I decided to expand the game library a little. I really like this PS2 thing, and I can’t believe I haven’t consistently console-gamed since the Atari 7800 🙂 Games have most certainly come a long way.

This weekend went by like the breeze that doesn’t exist right now. I blinked and it was gone *sigh* Definitely not fun, having weekends that are gone in a blink, but it was a pretty damn good one.

On Friday evening, Ruthie and I went over to friends of hers, Chris and Cheryl. They had some guy there demo-ing cookware. We all got a free meal out of the deal. Ryan Flynn was there, a guy I know from my Computer Engineering days. He’s actually going back to UAH to finish his bachelors quite soon. He’s quite the character. Fun at parties. You have to learn very quickly not to be very sensitive around him, and take pretty much everything he says with a grain of salt.

Today I am chilling with the folks, and I will be cooking chicken for all of them shortly. It’s been a while since I’ve made some, so this should defintiely be quite yummy.