Yep.. It’s definitely beginning to feel a lot like it..

So, this week will already never end. It’s a short one, but already it’s chugging along about as quickly as Christmas night passes for a little kid. I’m definitely looking forward to the time off 🙂 I would definitely love a few days where I don’t have to worry about anything but getting my level 37 mage up to 40.. Or catch up on some scifi novels that I have yet to read.

Ruthie’s going up to visit the fam on the 23rd – 26th. I’ll definitely miss her, for sure.

Keith is coming down on the 23rd from Milwaukee. I’m sure he already dreads the thought of setting foot in *shudder* Alabama again 🙂

Ruthie informed me yesterday that someone at work brought in little Basset puppies. I so want one, but I’m kind of mixed about it because of the apartment thing. Not only is there an astronomical deposit for a pet (non-refundable), but it’s a bit of a different situation than when we had the family dogs when I was little–no yard for it to play in, walking 2 or 3 times a day (perhaps more). It might be something I have to wait for until a house is in order.

Now.. Will this week kindly end? 😛

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