I wasn’t sleeping all that well the past few nights, so I had been doing a good bit of napping. Finally, I think I’ve caught up.

So, it looks like Wrigley is well on its way to being done by the beginning of the season. I certainly wouldn’t mind getting up there this summer to have a look.

I caught the Stargates and Galactica. All were quite smashing, although SG-1 has been rather predictable of-late. Some of the stories have been quite predictable, so far, and have had elements that I’ve seen in a couple of other places. Galactica was amazing, as always. I wonder if now the President will give Sharon’s baby a reprieve. I think Baltar will soon find himself on a Basestar. lol. He truly is evil.

I’ve been catching up on Season Seven of SG-1. I think this is about where I hopped in when I began watching on SciFi Friday. It’s been pretty good, although I think I hopped in during the second half of it.

As rare as it is, I finally got a haircut today *the crowd gasps* I really should get those more often 😛 6 months between them just doesn’t cut it *BA DOOM CHING* That automatically whoops any puns garibaldicu can throw up this week. hehe.