Some people watch baseball only during the playoffs.. I, on the other hand, watch football only during the playoffs (hell, many times I really don’t even know who’s in the playoffs, except for the teams I’m watching–and yes, I’m too lazy to go to to check it out). Such things are a supposed travesty here in the South, if you ask any Alabama or Auburn football fan–it’s a hallowed sport to them. I really don’t know why; it’s just a sport 😛 To me, playing sports is much more fun than rooting for a college team whose college I never attended–UAH has a hockey team and a few other teams, but hockey is pretty much their biggest sport.

Anyhoo, tonight shall be one of those nights where I do watch a game. Da Bears are taking on the Panthers on this fine eve, and I think I shall give it a gander. I think I’ll probably watch it in-between all of the laundering I must do.

Battlestar Galactica was frakking awesome on Friday night. Spoiler is here.