Sunday already?

Where the heck did this weekend go? Would it kindly rewind back to the beginning? 😛

SciFi Friday was just unbelievably awesome. My initial reaction to the Galactica finale hasn’t changed. It was absolutely the best finale I’ve seen in years in pretty much any SciFi show. It’s re-run on Monday night. I might say more about it after that–if you haven’t seen it by then, you’re frakked. lol.

Saturday was quite awesome. I went to a birthday party with Ruthie for two of her friends’ kids. I played on the PS2 with one of those kids, and was quite surprised that I was able to hold my own. He only beat me by varying scores ranging from 10 points to a couple thousand (5-10% greater score on average). Of course, it was my first time playing the game and all, so I think I did fairly well. I doubt I’ll do so well when I’m 50 🙂

X-Files boxsets are now $50 😮 It’s about time; I guess they got rid of a lot of fluff and kept the content to mostly the series. Thank goodness; Those $150 sets were way overpriced. I will finally be able to start collecting them and not feel as if I’m wasting moola on frivilous stuff. lol. Bonus features are kewl and all, but not kewl enough to me to blow $150/set on.

Today will be a bit of relaxing, going to Mass, RCIA with Ruthie and then who knows? There’s the possibility of a double date with her sponsor. That should be pretty spiffy.

*sigh* So, really. Can we rewind the weekend back to the beginning and start over? 😛

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