United 93

I think this was the first time I’ve cried in a movie. Truly cried. At the end of the movie, I think most people would be at least quite misty-eyed.

We, of course, know the story and how it ended; a plane crash in a Pennsylvania field.

If anything, the movie strengthens resolve. It makes one realize why we fought in Afghanistan and, yes, why we’re fighting in Iraq–though it’s more rebuilding in both now. It reminds us of the courage that those people flared out to the world as they rushed the cockpit.

There are those who would do nothing but call us American Cowboys for doing what we’re doing. And, of course, there are those who would probably lace a few explitories in there. Then, on the other extreme, there are those who would set IED roadside bombs in Iraq.

This type of mindset, a mindset that has existed since the Crusades, is one that has to be reckoned with. Swaths of Europe were conquered by that mindset back in those days. This time, their focus is a good bit wider. And, they have people fighting on their side; an American media who does absolutely everything to uncover absolutely every secret our government has, opposing political parties who are so hell-bent for power that they’ll oppose a wartime president at absolutely every turn. While I don’t agree with everything this President stands for, I will absolutely back him or any President when our country is in conflict with an evil that permeates every facet of this world.

We are in the midst of the ultimate battle of human existence. Christianity vs Islam, freedom vs tyrianical Islamic states. Whatever the brand you wish to put on it, I think we’re truly in the midst of WWIII. It’s not a war of nation against nation, but of ideal against ideal. No corner of the globe is safe from the impact of it; every bit of soil surrounded by every ocean is a part of it.

The courage and bravery of all of those on United 93 gives me hope that, no matter how dire it is, humanity can and will fight for life. Even as it is lost in a Pennsylvania field.

This movie has helped remind me of exactly what it is we’re fighting and why. It’s absolutely a must-see, IMHO.

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