Please keep my mom in your thoughts and prayers. I just got back from the hospital. She woke up in the middle of the night with screaming pain in her tummy. My dad got her to the ER because of the degree of pain. She went to sleep just fine, and she woke up that way.

Apparently, at this point, they’ve determined the trouble to be with gallstones she’s had for a while. Normally, this might not be such a big thing but her liver condition compounds things. I’m not sure how serious it is; I haven’t gotten much word outside of what she told me. Supposedly, gallstones with her liver condition do not make for a lot of goodness at all.

Funny how quickly a few hours pass when you’re in a hospital. It seemed like I just got there after being there for four hours. I’ve come back home to try to sleep a little. It didn’t appear any more word was coming soon, but I’ll be keepin’ my cell right by my bed.

In a way, I feel her pain because I had some major crampin’ the night before last that kept me up a good chunk of the night. It must be something in the water.

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