So, I am finally a homeowner. Closing went flawlessly. The buyer agent and I did our final final walkthrough this morning at 7:30. The house was completely empty, save for some shelving in the living room (for surround sound speakers, which I want anyway), and some shelving and hooks in the garage–which are definitely very much appreciated.

I was going to try to move a few boxes today with Ruthie and Weber, but the rain kept us just a wee bit away from that. We’ll probably try again tomorrow, although it looks like rain tomorrow, too *sigh* We did go around to Home Depot and Lowes to find a new deadbolt. The ones on the rest of the house are Yale, and we couldn’t find that brand there. Heck, maybe you don’t need the same brand of lock if you’re going to re-key. I don’t know.

Anyhoo, I be tired. I go to sleep now.

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