Today is one of those days. I can tell already, and I just woke up. I got plenty of sleep last night and yet I’m uber sleepy this morning. Figures 😛 Bah, maybe I’m just uber relaxed from a good night sleep.

I just won War of the Worlds, Season One off of eBay. I watched the series when I was a kid. Like most SciFi, I just gobbled it right up. It’s interesting, because it’s a continuation of the classic movie made in 1953 produced by George Pal, who produced and directed a good number of SciFi classics back in the 50s and 60s, among which were When Worlds Collide, Destination Moon and The Time Machine. Anyhoo, this series harkens back to my childhood. I bet it will be a helluva lot more cheesy than the coolness I thought it was in those days 🙂 Ya never know.

I got a new lawn mower. Someone where my mom works refurbishes old lawn mowers, so he sold it to me for $30. It’s in great shape, though, and looks like it’ll last a lil while. Perhaps a lil while will become a long while. It’s not like my wee lil yard will beat the thing to a bloody pulp…I hope.

Knology (the cable company) still hasn’t buried a cable that it laid out there when I asked for an outlet in one of the bedrooms. Looks like I’ll have to get my complainin’ on 😛

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