w00t! Another Weekend…

So, I’m in Louisville for a wedding. It’s Ruthie’s cousin. It should be pretty cool–it’s going to be outdoors, by the river. It’ll probably be pretty darn cold, too. We’ll see. It looks like it’s 73 back home, same as it is here. Very nice and sunny. I’ll prolly come home early tomorrow and try to beat the traffic.

Galactica premiered last night. I can’t wait to see it–I recorded it. Thank goodness for DVD recorders 😀 I saw the “First Look” on SciFi.com the other day. It looked pretty interesting. I’ve been watching Jericho, too. Very good post-apocalyptic jaunt into “what if?” I’ve already seen some scientific fakery in the show but, if you suspend all disbelief as you are supposed to in such shows, it’s fairly entertaining. I guess when you get down to it, though, imagine Dawson’s Creek–small, idyllic town 100 miles or so outside of Denver. Now imagine a good chunk of the US gets nuked. It’s very compelling.

I’ve completed my trial of Vista; I had installed it on my desktop. RC1 is good until June, 2007, but I have discovered all I need to know about it at this point. It has some very nice features, most of which are actually quite resource-intensive. My computer did fine as far as that goes. The thing that really miffed me was that there’s no real support for OpenGL yet–but, it’s a Beta. Anyhoo, Vista performs rather well on my hardware, although it performs as it did under XP when it had 512MB of RAM instead of 1GB. IIS 7.0 has a very nice administration interface, as does the rest of Windows. I might consider the server family for my web server, if I were to go the Windows route in the next upgrade. Anyhoo, I’ve downgraded back to XP for the time being–Vista still has a lil ways to go, certainly, before it goes gold.

I’ve played a new game called Defcon, put out by Valve. It’s only the demo, but it’s really cool–it’s basically the game that they were playing in War Games, the movie back in the 80s. You have to “win” a global thermonuclear war. The one time I’ve played, I’ve gotten my booty quite pasted. Ok, ok…this game is another reason I downgraded back to XP 🙂 It played like crap in XP–perhaps they’re using OpenGL, I don’t know. Or maybe DX10 still has some bugs *shrugs*

Anyhoo, off to do all of that cool wedding-type stuff.

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