Baltar’s a frickin idiot (and prolly a Cylon)

So, there was a bunch that was awesome about the premiere of Galactica.

It was more fast-paced than I originally anticipated it would be…it was a 2 hour premiere, but it didn’t seem that way.

Baltar has definitely become a guy to be uberly disliked. He’s caved in every way possible to the Cylon occupiers. I wouldn’t be surprised if it’ll turn out that he is a Cylon 😛

Apollo has certainly become quite the fatass. He’s definitely the personification of the state of the Fleet in the past number of months since they fled New Caprica.

I think the most shocking part of the episode had to be when Number Six was shot, and perhaps the coolest part was when Boomer was

I really liked how the webisodes set up the circumstances surrounding the police graduation. I found the webisodes to be generally quite anti-climactic, but I guess that’s just how it is when you spread 40 minutes across a couple of months.

I have a feeling that Starbuck is playing along, but you just never know. There are some people who have turned out to be real slimeballs, like Tigh’s wife. Anyhoo, I find myself wondering exactly what circumstances brought Starbuck to that cell that she lives in. I guess she did so voluntarily, to save her husband’s life when he was deathly ill–I think something to that effect was mentioned.

So, the Cylons are still trying to find God, and humanity is still trying to find Earth…

…and I am watching Spock’s Brain.

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