So, I’ve been watching Jericho. It’s really, really cool. They show you things, but just enough to keep you guessing until the next episode–and probably beyond that. Someone at work described it a bit like Lost. Having never seen Lost, I really don’t know. Perhaps I’ll rent the boxsets of that show one day.

Anyway, they’re starting to prove to me after this fourth episode that a story about a nuclear apocalypse can go beyond the length of a mini-series and have good plot and character development. Going into it, I was imagining something like The Day After. It’s proven to be a good bit deeper than that, IMHO.

Of course, as the show progresses, I imagine that the world will probably become less and less familiar-looking. That all depends on the extent of the war, I suppose. If every major city has been toasted, then I can’t imagine much normalcy afterwards. But, if it’s just 5 or 6 major cities, then perhaps there’d be at least some partial return.

I can’t wait to see who is “coming”…

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