Da Weekend

So, this weekend was pretty kewl. It just so happened to be a long one, which just so happened to be fine with me. Friday, Ruthie and I did a little shopping. Shocking, that I would subject myself to such craziness. But, it was all good 🙂 Ruthie got a cool lil santa on sale–let the Christmas decorating commence 🙂 We also went the next day, and I got some jeans and a nice shirt–rare is it that I get new jeans, but I definitely needed some new ones. Did a lil gaming at Matt & Rynn’s afterwards, had some very good (and hot) chili at Casa Blanca, and then we all geeked out at the Meachams’ for some Galactica goodness.

Very nice episode this week, me thinks. Baltar, as moronic as he is, might actually start making headway into the Cylon culture. He has a mastery of projection which is, more than likely, far in advance than that of the Cylons themselves. All we really saw of Caprica’s projection experience, though, was the woods she manifested last week.

Saturday was kinda clouy, rainy and meh, so Ruthie and I spent most of the day WoWing. We got our gnome mages up to 28 and 29, respectively. We’re just a hop, skip and a jump from having mechano-strider mounts (a.k.a. mechanical chickens). My priest is up to level 21, and a good lil way to 22 now.

And, so Sunday. Ahhh, a nice relaxing Sunday at the folks. My dad and I are going to a presentation on my alma-mater’s campus about the future of spaceflight, which should be quite interesting. It’s part of a series, and I’ve only been to one other. My parents’ router is very funky. OS X doesn’t seem to talk to it very well, and Windows doesn’t at all. I think they need a new one. All of the tweaking, resetting, and tweaking again have done nada 😛

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