Things to Look Forward to in Democrat Control of the Congress

  • Repealing of the Bush tax cuts
    • Increased unemployment, because the “taxes on the rich” will preclude the ability to hire new employees (will probably be blamed on Bush)
    • Increase in taxes for all taxpayers, particularly the middle class
    • Increase in frivolous, generally unconstitutional, social spending
  • Decreased funding in defense
    • Increased unemployment in all sectors of defense work
    • Decreased activity in Iraq and Afghanistan
      • Could be seen by Islamic fanaticism as surrender on our part if done in the wrong way and too early, and might spark futher attacks on American soil and interests
  • Lift on partial birth abortion ban
  • More “big” lawsuits
    • Big oil?
  • Impeachment of a wartime President
  • Trading one set of bumbling idiot millionaires for another

Of course, I hope I’m wrong on most of it, if not all of it–except for maybe the last one, I think it’s pretty accurate for many in the Congress. I’m sure there’s more I could think of, when the mental haze of morning lifts. Suffice it to say, things might kinda suck in the next few years.

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