Ugh.. Why did I have to do that?

I was listening to NPR. Ok, I had an insane moment. They were talking about the parallel worlds of science and religion. What a bunch of frakking idiots. It seems that, in the host’s eyes at least, they’re mutually exclusive entities. You either have science explaining away God, or God explaining away science. What a bunch of closed-minded boobs 😛

It reminds me of that stupid little war of the fish that Christians and atheists/agnostics have going on with their bumpers. The Christians first had the fish. The atheists & agnostics then had a fish with legs, with “Darwin” embedded in the middle of that creature. You then had a fish eating the legged fish with the word “Truth” embedded in the middle of that fish.

Why does this have to be a world where extremists have the most voice? It’s frustrating, being a rather moderate individual who sees the middle ground in such things. God does not explain away science, neither does Science explain away God. Science, to me, is merely a tool; it’s a tool to quantitatively and qualitatively explain the mechanisms that hold together the universe, thereby explaining how God did it. Why do extremists have to see them as one proving the non-existence of the other?

I’d wonder what that makes me in their eyes, politically. I’m obviously on the side of science, so I must be a flaming liberal. Conversely, I also have an inherent faith in God and His works in this universe, so I must be a Jerry Falwell conservative. Am I really such a freak that I’m not an extremist? I swear, reading and listening to things in the media I almost think so 😛

Then again, maybe I’m just a boob for thinking everything has political overtones *shrugs*

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