I just saw the finale for season 3. Wow…just, wow.

This has been a really awesome show. I still don’t know who the good guys are. Obviously, there was something to what Ben said about calling for rescue being a mistake. I wonder where htings will go from here? What happened back there that has Jack so distraught? Is his father really alive? Makes one wonder, then, what might’ve been in that casket back in season one.

So, it turned out that Ben led a revolt, of sorts, against Dharma–where he killed his own father. I wonder how the heck he set everything up on the island–where he got the capital to set up that company front that lured Juliet in. I guess we still don’t really know what reason they were there. We only know how Ben came to power amongst all of The Others.

Personally, I think that John and Ben are just co-delusional 😛 But, we’ll see.

I’m hoping it doesn’t end in some way like that Gilligan’s Island movie where they were rescued from the island, only to end up right back there. I just hope they haven’t jumped the shark in having everyone rescued, if things are as they appear to be–which they most likely aren’t, given the nature of the show.

It’ll definitely be a long time until February 😛 But, hell…I just got done with it–we’re already only 8 months away from it. Not too bad, I guess.

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