Well, it sure looks post-apocalyptic…

So, back in the 50s, there was a mad dash to build personal nuclear shelters in the event of a nuclear attack from the Soviet Union. People built them to stay for months or years as the radioactivity outside would dissipate.

In 1957 in Tulsa, OK, a Plymouth Belvedere was buried in one of these shelters (well, a concrete sarcophagus that can withstand such attack), as a time capsule to the future. Included in the car was a 5 gallon can of leaded gasoline (a lotta good that does now), rusted cans of Schlitz beer, and the “typical” contents of a woman’s handbag.

Long story short, they pulled the vehicle from the shelter to find that the shelter had been long since flooded; the car was a rusted hulk.

Now, if only they had buried it in Cheyenne Mountain or something 😛

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