I’ve been converting video all day on my day off. Of course, I haven’t been sitting here watching it all day. But, two episodes of Galactica are now encoded to wmv from avi so that I can play it via Media Center on the XB 360. For some reason Microsoft, in their infinite wisdom, neglected to give the XB 360 DivX or XviD decoding capability. Go figure 😛

But, I’ve been using Windows Media Encoder to change my video to suit the hunk of junk. It has taken all day to do three episodes of Galactica. I think the last will finally be done before bed, after which I have one more which will probably go a good bit of the day tomorrow.

It’s upscaling 608×336 vids to 1280×720. It’s doing a rather good job, me thinks. I’ve played part of two episodes and they look SD broadcast quality–which isn’t too stinkin’ bad, even on my 720p TV.

So, the Ruthie shall now be able to see the last 4 (and most important) episodes of the season 😀 w00t!

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